Get in shape with Bodymedia Fit Armband Tracker

Technology has been moving into the exercise space lately with lots of new mobile apps and even some hardware that you can easily carry with you when you are out for your daily run or at the gym.

The Bodymedia Fit is capable of tracking pretty much every single thing you do. It tracks calories burned, steps taken, exercise and even your sleep. All of this data is tacked by sensors in the device and then transferred to a computer or mobile app. The device will also integrate with third-party services like RunKeeper.

The armband, along with a smaller version is available right now both online and at a number of retail stores. The MSRP is $149, but the value to your health can not be put in monetary terms. If you want to grab it now, however, there is a promotional price of $119. No word on how long that will last.

Interview by Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and the Health Tech Weekly

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