Golden Eagle caught on video trying to snatch a child

Update Fake Sorry we got Pwned

Eagles are big birds. They have no problem snatching up large fish, rabbits, squirrels, cats and even small dogs. However, one overly zealous bird recently tried to grab a toddler. The moment was captured on video and is in the process of going viral after being posted to YouTube yesterday The video has already been viewed more than one million times.

The incident took place in a park in Montreal, Canada. A passerby was filming the eagle as it soared overhead. However the raptor suddenly turned and swooped in on the child, who was sitting on the ground with his back to the incoming danger.

The video was posted by MrNuclearCat and, in addition to the huge amount of views, also has more than 8,000 comments. The child appeared to be unhurt, likely due to a thick winter coat that prevented the eagle getting its 750 pounds per square inch of talon power into flesh. It’s also unlikely the bird could have successfully carried the child off since they generally can carry no more that roughly 15 pounds into the air. The bird certainly gave it his best shot though, dragging the child several feet as it attempted to get airborne.

UPDATE: It looks the the web got hoaxed on this one. Wow! That never happens!