FreedomPop Hits Beta

Perhaps you have heard about a service called FreedomPop that aims at freeing you from paying for internet service, on a limited basis at least.  The service was launched by Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom and has been in the works for some time now.  Today, they quietly began sending out emails for a private beta test.

“FreedomPop is LIVE and we’re accepting a limited number of signups for our 100% free high speed Internet service during our beta period.

We’re only accepting a limited number of signups during our beta period, signup today before its too late!”

If you were lucky enough to receive the above message then you are in the hunt, but still not guaranteed a spot.  You will need to enter your location information and hope that the test will be run in your area.  Most people probably will not be that lucky.
At first glance the service may sound too good to be true, but they do have a method for monetizing in mind.  Users will receive a level of free data and anything used above that threshold will be subject to a per MB charge.  FreedomPop has partnered with Sprint for the data network and also plans a series of WiFi hotspots around the country to augment the 4G service.

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