Google TV to Add Voice Control?

This morning The Next Web reported that a video had been posted, but quickly taken down, showing new voice control features that are being developed for Google TV.  This is on top of the earlier announcement that Google Play movies, TV shows and music were also going to be integrated into the platform.

The site reported that they had seen the video in it’s entirety and that it features Peter Sherman, Google TV Product Marketing Manager, running through the new features, which included such updates as being able to speak a show name and have the device begin scanning live TV, Netflix, YouTube, and other sources.  It also allowed the user to search by genre or channel and even provided a mini guide at the bottom of the screen so that you can continue to watch one show while searching for others.

Google TV languished somewhat  upon its launch, but has recently been gathering steam with the release of more boxes by different manufacturers, including the recent $99 Vizio Co-Star, which seems to be the clear winner at the moment.  This is clearly a market that Google wants very badly and they are innovating quickly in an effort to win it and become a competitor with the Xbox for being the number one device in your living room.

The Next Web had the heads up idea to capture a few screen grabs while the video was available and you can see those over at their site.

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