New Honeywell Thermostat Takes On Nest

Nest has been the darling of the tech industry in recent months, with their innovative thermostat solution, but Honeywell, a long-established manufacturer in this market is taking them on with a new WiFi enabled thermostat of their own.  It brings along most of the features of the Nest, but in a slightly larger format.

The new model from Honeywell features the ability to program for seven days in advance, and you can do so from a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in your home or around the world.  Free mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS, plus you can manage multiple thermostats from the same app, so you can control home and business or multiple zones in the same location.  The apps also allow you to view local weather conditions and forecasts and the thermostat can send you high and low temperature alerts via email or text.

At the moment, the Honeywell WiFi Enabled Programmable Thermostat seems to be exclusive to Home Depot (you can buy online from them as well) for $149.  It’s likely to appear in other locations as well, although nothing has yet been announced.  You can get more info from the