20% off all orders @ GoDaddy.com for August.

I just saved close to $700.00 bucks on renewals of my server and some domains. I have included two of the three receipts below to prove it. This is the biggest savings I have ever had from GoDaddy at a single time. If you are patient and stagger your checkouts and use the appropriate code you can maximize your savings on orders depending on the code you use.

This adds up fast and if you are picking new products up it is a great way to save. One word of caution you cannot combine savings. If they are having a sale, and are buying something on sale you often times cannot use my full list of Godaddy Promo Codes. So to support the site & show we hope you will really cash in on these savings at GoDaddy.

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Disclaimer: As you know GoDaddy is a sponsor here at Geek News Central. As you can see above I pay for all my services, and use their services to power this site and host my domains. I stand behind GoDaddy products and services and recommend them.

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