Livestream Broadcaster Lets You Stream Without a Computer

Livestream has something really exciting! It is called the Livestream Broadcaster. The device is a bright red, eye catching, piece of disruptive hardware that lets you stream live video through the New Livestream Platform without requiring you to use a computer. This makes it much easier for people to broadcast live events in HD right to the web, to mobile devices and to connected TVs.

The Livestream Broadcaster costs $495. It is fully integrated with the New Livestream Platform. A Livestream Producer account normally costs $45/ month. It gives you an unlimited amount of HD streaming, and is ad-free. When you buy the Livestream Broadcaster, it includes 3 months of free Livestream Producer service.

Connect your camera to the Livestream Broadcaster via the HDMI video input. It is very easy. The Broadcaster encodes real-time H.264 video and AAC audio at up to 2.3 Mbps. It supports most 3G and 4G modems from US carriers, including Verizon 4G LTE. It can also work with many international carries that enable wireless streaming in the field. This will easily allow people to record and stream live events that are taking place in locations that it would not be advantageous, (or perhaps even possible) to bring your computer to.

In short, it works very simply. Connect the Livestream Broadcaster to your camera. You can use the device to remotely connect with your Livestream Producer account. Or, you can connect with your Livestream Producer account through your iPhone using the Livestream Producers app. Just like that, you are broadcasting! No computer required.

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