Craftsman Introduces the Connected Garage

One name that you may not expect to hear associated with the Consumer Electronics Show would be Craftsman, the famous tool maker who is part of the Sears brand.  In fact though, Craftsman have set up a booth at CES to show off some of their cool new tools and their mobile app that allows you to control those tools.  Here are the highlights of what they announced.

  •  A full-sized working demo of the Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener– which allows homeowners to monitor and operate their garage door from virtually anywhere w/ their Internet-enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Android Blackberry) and the Craftsman app.
  • New features are being added to AssureLink – including the ability to control garage lighting and indoor lighting on the app for when you’re out of town or want a well-lit home upon arrival.
  •  Noise-cancelling headphones that are perfect for use while working with loud tools like drills and saws. They cancel out ambient noises while allowing you to hear music, voices, etc.

Other tools that Craftsman was showing off at their CES booth include Craftsman AssureLink indoor lighting controls for both lamps and switch-controlled lights; the Craftsman Contour Tool Storage, which not only stores and protects your tools, but has a built-in stereo that you can connect your MP3 player or smartphone to; and Craftsman Lighted Pliers, that have a sealed center-hub LED light that is protected from water, oil, and chemicals.

You can get more information and see pictures of these tools and more, by visiting Craftsman CES.  The AssureLink mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.