Verbatim Ergo Wireless Optical Mouse Review

The folks at Verbatim sent over their new Ergo Wireless Optical Mouse to review. Most of you that have followed me know that I love trackballs, and use them primarily when I am sitting at my desk.  For the first time in at least 10 years I am using this new mouse from Verbatim as my primary mouse if that doesn’t speak volumes nothing should.

Mouses are a dime a dozen and it is really hard to differentiate them apart. Here is what my experiences has been with this Verbatim Ergo mouse. First it fits into my hand like a well oiled and seasoned baseball glove. I’m serious this thing is just easy to hold and is very comfortable.   I like resting my hand on a hard surface and with this optical mouse I do not have to have a stupid mouse pad or anything like that under it. It looks pretty sexy the one I received has this cool red metallic look to it.

Click response is great, while I am not sure a design consideration or not the right click action takes a little bit more force than the standard left click. The roller is responsive. Works with both Windows and Mac.

Priced at $29.00 if your looking for a new mouse definitely consider it and when I am on the go, I will have one of these in my computer bag as well.

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