Bluetrek Carbon Wireless Headset Review

Recently we received a Bluetrek Carbon Wireless headset for review. When my wife saw it she was immediately drawn to it. She has a very active on the go lifestyle and thought it would be something she would like to try as she could wear the headset without the over the ear hook. The headset had a kit that included 4 different sized ear pieces so she was able to get the exact fit needed to keep it securely in her ear.

The case it came in allowed us to easily store the extra pieces that came with it that we would not need. I honestly wish more manufactures would do this as it prevents pieces from being lost. Another feature she loved is that it came with a case that looks more like something that would hold a tube of lipstick,  this allows her to put the headset in her purse when not being used and she can easily get access when on the go so she does not have to fish for it amongst the thousands of other things in her purse.

The headset itself is the first one made from composite materials which makes it light yet durable. It has a medchanical on and off switch and paired easily with her mobile phone. The battery status of the headset is displayed on the iPhone which makes it easy to see when it needs charged which takes about 90 minutes.  A unique feature is that it also supports active connections with 2 Bluetooth enabled mobile devices simultaneously which is pretty unusual.

The audio quality was fine and the ability of others to hear her even in high noise environments was fine. Priced at $69.00 it should fit the budget of almost everyone looking for a wireless headset for their mobile device.


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