Philips AmbientLED 12.5 watt Bulb Mimics Incadescent Lighting

Philips AmbientLED turned onFinally, is this the light bulb for me?  Many of you have seen me complain about the quality of energy-efficient lighting.  My biggest complaint is that the lighting creates weird, sharp shadows, or that the color is completely off.  Since I’m a crafter, color balance is pretty important to what I do.

Philips has announced the release of its AmbientLED 12.5-watt, the closest replacement to a 60-watt incandescent bulb we may ever see.  It has achieved an Energy Star rating as it meets or exceeds the standard minimum light output of 800 lumens, a color temperature of 2700K (for soft white light), color rendering index (CRI) of 80.  Philips is also offering a 7 year warranty on the bulb.  Philips estimates the bulbs will last 15-17 years.

But at a price of nearly $40 retail, I’m not sure I’ll be buying one anytime soon.

I would also want to know if the usual visible “flicker” of the LED is present in this bulb, or if it glows smoothly.  As a mother of an epileptic child, such things need to be taken into account when purchasing for the home environment.

Philips recommends this bulb for table lamps, ceiling fan globes, and accent lighting.  25-watt and 40-watt equivalents are also available in the AmbientLED line from Philips.