$35,000 Grasscutter

As I was out for a short walk today, I came across this tracked and remote controlled grass cutter working on grassy bank. To be fair, I don’t pay much attention to agricultural news but the last time I saw anything like this, it was looking for explosives in Baghdad.

To get an idea of the scale, it was about two metres long, travelled at a fast walking pace and was powered by a small petrol motor, so it was noisy enough.

I had a chat to the operator and he was saying that they use it on banks and other steep slopes where it would be difficult or dangerous for a person to use a mower. The cutter was controlled by a small RC unit with two little sticks, one for forwards-backwards and another for left-right. It comes from a Danish company called Timan and there’s a gallery of pictures here.

The surprise was when he said how much the grasscutter cost….£22,000 or roughly $35,000. That’s alot of money for a lawnmower.