Quick – Tweet Now! You Might Be the 10 Billionth Twitter!

Well, the craze is on. 10 Billion Tweets will probably be hit by time you read this. 600 tweets a second (2.16 Million an hour). So in about 18 hours – Depending on how many people go Tweet crazy – The 10 Billionth Twitter will be posted.

The 5 billionth was held by Robin Sloan, who posted “Oh Lord”. It was a reply to another tweet.

I am guessing you won’t get a new car or $10,000 iTunes card. You will get some recognition as the Deccabillitweeter. I know that’s not a word, but maybe it will catch on….

If you want to catch all the madness – even have a Twitter countdown party – You can go to GigaTweet and watch the proverbial Twitter Ball drop. Wear a funny hat and a blow into a noisemaker. Maybe even drink some champagne. I think that is what Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone will be doing.

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