GoDaddy Grid Hosting

GoDaddy Grid Hosting is a new product over at GoDaddy that puts the power of multiple servers to work for you. With 3 month introductory pricing they have it priced to move. The have both standard Windows and Linux machines available with adequate bandwidth and disk space. What I was shocked about is that they offering unlimited computer cycles with these plans.

According to the GoDaddy FAQ “Grid Hosting “pools” the resources of many servers and your site’s content resides on multiple servers. This networked system helps achieve a high reliability—beyond 99.9%—for your website because if one server shuts down, only a fraction of the grid’s resources are lost.” What is important to know here is that they are using elastic scalability, requiring no site migration during growth spurts.

What I really like about the GoDaddy Grid Hosting is that you do not need any server experience. If you have managed a shared hosting account before running your site on Grid Hosting requires no other training.

The introductory price of $4.99 is pretty amazing. I signed up for an account today, to just see how it works and will run a couple of domains on it. GoDaddy appears to me to have hit the nail on the head with this one. I will let you know in the weeks to come on how their Grid Hosting package will stack up.

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