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The two live streaming events we had from the NBC Universal booth at CES 2010 has made us sit back in our chairs and contemplate what we will be doing at CES in 2011. Planning for that show started only a few hours after the show closed as we have an entirely new perspective from these two live events.

With over 14,000 people viewing the 2 Live events, and an expected 500,000 downloads of the two shows over the next 72 hours we are pretty excited about the exposure this has brought to the vendors we have highlighted.

It should be noted we have a huge amount of content from CES to present to you, in the coming days but wanted to share a couple of images from NBC so that you can see what we have been up to, including giving you an idea what it is like to be able to work on a multi-million dollar set. We have a 1018 pictures on Flickr for you to look at as well.

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  1. Guys this was a lot of fun to watch. You really did an excellent job in front of the big camera. You looked like you were having a fun time and I look forward to watching more of your CES Coverage!

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