Mophie Juice Pack Air Lost Confidence

juicepackairOver the past 6 months I have been an proponent of the Mophie Juice Pack Air. For those that do not know, your iPhone slides into the Juice pack and when you are getting low on power you throw the switch on the bottom of the Juice Pack Air and your phone starts charging.

They are not cheap they run about $80.00 dollars. All was well up to last week when my Juice Pack Air that is less than 6 months old stopped taking a charge. It was good in the morning bad in the evening. I had not dropped the phone or had anything similar happen to it.

I use the Juice Pack Air on a daily basis as I am always killing the battery to my phone after 8-10 hours our usage. I was in Best Buy this weekend and grabbed a new charger and for a couple of days it worked as advertised.

Yesterday I started getting error messages on my iPhone that the device attached to it, which was the Mophie Juice Pack Air was not compatible and the phone refused to take a charge from the new Juice Pack Air.

My plan is to take the new unit back to Best Buy and exchange it. But honestly I have lost confidence in the brand. Doing a Google search I can tell that I am not alone and a lot of people are having the same issues I am.

The folks at Apple need to take a closer look at this companies quality control. In the mean time I am telling all my geeky friends, buyer beware to existing owners keep the sales receipt handy for return of your unit. Sadly I am left with a brick because I cannot find the original receipt for the first unit.

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One thought on “Mophie Juice Pack Air Lost Confidence

  1. I, too, purchased such a battery pak from Best Buy. I found that it was sporadic in charging my iPhone; once even discharged it to zero; must have drawn power from the iPhone to charge the battery in the case!

    I now use it this way: Off until iPhone reaches 50% charge. On until iPhone is at 100%. Rinse and repeat until no more juice in the pack. At this point the iphone will usually be about 75% charged after about 3-4 cycles. I can get a full day’s worth of operation with data, streaming a/v, podcasts and several 5-10 minute calls. Before, the iphone would die after about 5 hours of usage.

    But I do carry a spare plug in battery for those ‘just in case’ moments.

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