Mic Boom Showdown!

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 10.12.12 AMOver the past couple of years I have had major challenges with the Boom Mic that I use for my Podcast. Up until last week, I used a Boom Mic from the O.C. White Company.

While the boom mic from O.C. White served it’s purpose when I hung my “Mouse” from Blue Microphones on it the Mic Boom had a heck of a time staying in place even though the Mic and accessories only weighed 3lbs. The O.C. White boom drove me simply crazy as it was always settling plus the boom mic bolt did not allow me to secure the mic in a specific position it was like I had to balance the mic to get it into the proper position .

My solution has been to switch to a Heil PL-2T, this Mic boom is night and day difference. It holds my Mic in an absolute fixed position and the boom does not settle over the course of a 90 minute show. Not only that they have hidden the tension springs inside the boom which gives it a cleaner look.

The true test is to see how it fairs a year from now we will see if it has the same stability even if it does loose some stability over the course of a couple of years I will be very happy to buy a new one based on what I have experienced so far.

Hands down the Heil PL-2t is a winner over the Boom Mic from O.C. White.

Update: 8-14-10 The Heil PL-2T continues to perform unlike any Mic Boom I have owned in the past. I have used a variety of Microphones with the PL-2T and so far the stability, and ability to keep the mic in the location I want it to be has been perfect. Worth every penny and then some!

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