Iblogger is an blogging application for the iPhone. It allows you to write with your Iphone, then publish directly to your blog. It works with a number of blogging platforms including WordPress, Typepad, Squarespace among others. It is a creation of illumineX , who also created ecto a desktop blogging platform for the Mac. You can add pictures directly from your album or camera. You can add geo tagging to the pictures directly from the application. It also allows the addition of tags, catagories

There are some negatives about the application. First it’s Iphone only, so if you have an Android or a Blackberry you can’t use it. It doesn’t work in landscape mood. Second for an Iphone application it is expensive almost $10.00. Third some people have had trouble with uploading photos and with the application crashing. I’ve just started to use it, so far it is working fine for me. If you do a lot of blogging , especially from the road, it might be worth a look.