Plastic Logic eBook Reader is a Go

partners_programs_headerThe announced-with-much-hype Plastic Logic eBook reader looks like it is finally going to be available.  First announced over a year ago, the actual product has been hard to find in the wild, and so no one really knows if this is a legitimate contender for the eBook market.

I’ll wager that it is, and hope to get my hands on one soon.  The Plastic Logic eBook reader features something no one else in the market today can:  a reading space of nearly 8.5 x 11 inches!  This outdoes the Kindle DX by nearly half, and will allow true real-time navigation of documents and periodicals.  This, in my mind, has been one of the failings of the Kindle, and other ebook readers.  If you’re reading a novel or simple text, the Kindle is great.  I have one and love it for such things.  But if you need to read something with graphics, side-bars, footnotes, and other details, the Kindle, even in its DX form, just does not cut it.  The Plastic Logic model will handle these things with ease.

As an added bonus, the Plastic Logic reader is extremely lightweight while being extremely sturdy, since the entire device, including the reading screen, are made of plastic.  While I wouldn’t call the Kindle “heavy,” my DX does take some arm-strength energy to hold onto for more than a few minutes.

Plastic Logic has teamed up with Barnes and Noble and will be the recommended eBook reader for their newly-opened eBook store.  They have also teamed up with AT&T’s wireless network for speedy downloading.  Those using the device will be able to to use it on existing AT&T WiFi hotspots as well.  No price for the product, or the download service, has yet been announced.

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  1. can i buy and use a kindle in australia or do l have to wait for somethin to be released here.

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