Iphone 3.0

First a little background to the story.  I have a first generation 4G Iphone, which I love.  It is also the only phone for our house, since we have no land line so it is important that it is in working order.  Therefore when ever there is an update, I always cross my fingers and hope it works.  However this time around it was a little different, I have been having problems with my phone lately so I was actually looking forward to the update.   June 17th was the day of the big 3.0 update.  I kept watching Twitter and Friendfeed, for the announcement that the update was available.  I finally saw a couple of tweets from people who said the update was available and that it went fine for them.  So I decided to risk it.  

The update itself went smoothly for me.  It did take some time, but it always does.   I do know that some people were on their tenth try  without any success.  Most of the time they were running into server busy type error.   Which is not surprising considering how many people were probably trying to update at the same time.  I understand that the people who ran into the most problems were people who had jailbroken their phones.  After I  disconnected the iphone, I did get  an error on Itunes saying it couldn’t connect to the iphone  error  xxx. However once I quit Itunes and started it again the error message stopped. 

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the IPhone after the update is the voice memo icon.  The  recording works well, especially with headphones.  It is a very simple interface, there are two buttons one to record and the other takes you to the page where your recordings are.  There is a list of labels you can put on your recordings including Podcast, Memo, Interview and you can do a custom label.    There is also the ability to  trim the recording right on the Iphone.   I can see this being used for quick interviews or podcast, although you would need an external mic.  Finally, there is the ability to share your voice memo by email. 

The second addition is the ability to copy and paste.  It works really well and is very intuitive.  If you want to copy some thing you simply tap on it and a black line appears.  Above it you have a choice of copy selection or copy all.  You can control your selection by moving the dots backward or forward along the selection.  Then simply copy and paste on any app you want to.   I copied from  Memo Pad to Tweetie and it worked fine.  

The landscape view works fine, I just wish it was available across all applications and not just, mail, Memo and SMS.   The search is very good.  It appear to search notepad, email,  for applications and Itunes.  It does not search within an application, for example the I have Evernote, those notes are not searchable directly through the Iphone interface.  The other thing I noticed right away is the search it does is very through.  If you for example put in the first two letters La, it not only finds everything that starts la, but anything with La in it.  I was searching for my name, so I had put in La and my name came up but so did Macbreak Weekly.  At first I was confused, but then I realized it was picking up Leo Laporte, who was listed as one of the artist.  Clearly the more information you give it the more presise it will be.  I do know there were some enhancement to how the Iphone works with Microsoft exchange and sms but since I don’t use Microsoft exchange at all and sms rarely so I really can’t comment on either of those two.  

The one thing that I did notice after I did the download is that on the second screen there was only one icon.  This made me think the rest of my icons were missing, although they did appear in search.  It wasn’t until later  that  I flip to the next screen and realized that there was third and fourth screens with all my icons.   The other glitch I ran into was when I attempted to purchase a music video directly from the iphone and it did not go through.   Thankfully it also didn’t charge me.    I tried again this morning and it worked fine   I  am still playing around with it, so I may run into more problems or some easter eggs I am not aware of.   I recommend if you have an Iphone no matter what generation, that you do the update it is well worth it.   I did preorder the news version of the Iphone and I will review it , once I get it.