RIAA could not Control themselves more Lawsuits

No_riaaThe RIAA could not control themselves and have filled more Lawsuits against P2P users. After all but admitting that there past actions have hurt them more than helped them they could not contain themselves and had to file more lawsuits.

Maybe they need the money to make salary over there, probably the bevy of lawyers on staff had nothing to do so they had to give them some work to do, so that they could bill some billable hours.

I would not be surprised if they have a money issue after all what have they done for music artist and music labels recently. Not a whole lot except piss the general public. Possibly this is a tact they will use when they ask there RIAA brethren at the Department of Justice to start suing John Q Public.

The sad part is music artist for the most part have gotten run over by the RIAA and deal with the negative publicity with there actions.

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