Why Not Virtual XP on Ubuntu?

Last week Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows7 will have a Virtual XP option. You will then be able to use programs that do not work in the new OS.  So why shouldn’t Ubuntu do the same?

XP In UbuntuQEMU is a Open Source Machine Emulator. It is set so you can install another OS on a virtual window in Ubuntu. You can put on another instance – maybe an earlier version of Ubuntu or any version of Microsoft software.

So instead of upgrading to Windows7, you can install the Linux based Operating System, then put on an instance of XP to run programs. It will then allow you to finally have both systems for the full experience.

Of course, if you do this, your XP copy should be a legal one.  But if you were not moving your Office to Ubuntu because there were some programs that don’t work in that system, now you don’t have any excuse. Not all machines would get that virtual machine – only the ones that need XP functionality.

The best part is you get an OS, OpenOffice and a whole host of products to get business done.

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2 thoughts on “Why Not Virtual XP on Ubuntu?

  1. Never said anything about an OEM version of windows. You would need an OEM copy of the software anyway to use an OEM key and most 3rd party machines have tailored the OEM software to recognize if you are installing on their hardware or not.

    I agree on the speed and memory, however, with multi-core systems, you should be able to run virtually without too much issue.

  2. This may not be such a great idea:

    1) QEMU is painfully slow. Far from the performance of VirtualBox.

    2) Emulating another OS uses memory. Lots of.
    Eating 256 Mb of RAM to run Windows XP in order to run a Windows application wich uses 8 Mb of RAM looks like a waste of ressources.

    3) Most Windows OEM licence forbid the transfer of Windows to another computer (be it virtual or not).

    4) If you would have to re-activate Windows, which Microsoft would or would not allow (probably not in case of OEM versions, because they’re tied to the computer).

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