Are you Tired of the Twitter Conversation?

ConversationI find myself not visiting Twitter as much over the past couple of weeks. Call it conversation burn-out, and to be honest I think the Twitter craze is starting to cause me to have a shorter attention span and I that scares the crap out of me.

I have always been very proud of the fact that I have been very efficient in anything I do, and that I multi-task at a very high level for extended periods working on complex projects. I feel the 140 character limit of twitter has the high potential of re-wiring people’s brains in a negative ways. Would love to see someone do some clinical examinations of Twitter addicts.  

What made me really realize this is that I don’t communicate well in a 140 character world. After all I do a 1 hour and 15 minute podcast twice a week that is widely followed in a world where getting anyones attention for 75 minutes twice a week is a magnificent feat.

Considering the show broke the 125k Listener barrier recently, the more I think about it the more I really am shocked at the success of the show. My brain was definitely not meant to work in a 140 character world.

So with the re-launch of this blog I am vowing to move away from the 140 character world although the temptation will remain high to keep on tweeting I know that I need to move back to what I love doing most, and that is talking about tech and looking at the bigger issues we are facing today.

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Todd Cochrane is the Founder of Geek News Central and host of the Geek News Central Podcast. He is a Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee and was one of the very first podcasters in 2004. He wrote the first book on podcasting, and did many of the early Podcast Advertising deals in the podcasting space. He does two other podcasts in addition to Geek News Central. The New Media Show and Podcast Legends.

7 thoughts on “Are you Tired of the Twitter Conversation?

  1. Oprah and Ashton Kutcher may be doing a lot to promote Twitter, but I don’t think I’ll play any more. I created my Twitter account some time ago to experiment with it. Could this actually be a useful tool to promote my business? It turns out that it isn’t, at least not for me. I don’t particularly care to share my every move with the entire world, and I don’t have time to read about everybody else’s. Who cares if you’re watching TV, or sitting in traffic, or “pooping”. I sure don’t. I’ll stick to my own blog efforts, and of course I’ll keep following Geek News.

    P.S. – Like the new look

  2. I hear you Todd! I recently declared social networking bankruptcy. I am keeping twitter and facebook but all the other social networking companies / sites are done as far as I’m concerned. I’m no longer looking at or posting on Myspace, Friendfeed, Plurk,, twit army, bebo and likely 10 others I forgot about signing up for. Two of them are still too much but I can still see the promo value of being on them.

    Keep up the good work and I love the new wordpress blog!


  3. Todd, you’re looking at it the wrong way. You’ve got 4,545 of your most avid listeners following you. You could use Twitter to promote your blog posts, your podcasts, RawVoice movement and anything of interest to those core listeners.

    The fact that you only have 140 character to get more message across means that I’ll read EVERYTHING you TWEET, because it only takes a few seconds, as opposed to reading a long blog post. (I only scanned your comment in this article for example)

    There’s a lot of benefit to Twitter, if you use it to benefit yourself and your businesses.

    People are interested in what you’re doing, or they wouldn’t be following.

    Let me know.

    I recommend you read this short eBook – Twitter for Churches, you can download it at

    Sam Garcia
    Ohana in ABQ

  4. Hey Todd >HonkHonk< Randy here…

    I hear ya. And I think that with the Twitter Craze sorta ramping down for the mainstream geek (oxymoron) and it beginning to be a trunk of slip streamed trimmed down info, it’ll be more a less a way to contact people that are on FaceBook, or Personal Blogs. As it’s easier to figure out who is on Twitter then those messages coming to use from our Dead Relatives in Nigeria that have left us money, or that lottery that we won in the UK. In short Twitter is a Spam filter, and we’ll not ask for email address’s but rather Twitter ID’s and if there’s more then a casual exchange of small bits of data we’ll fire up the larger machines of the old fashioned EMAIL program.

    For you, it’ll be more or less a second place for you to post that you’ve Posted a Blog Post are are going live. As Michael Abair previously said. It’a a great tool, but not aways the right tool.

    IRC is still alive and well, and old tool, and it does exactly what is needed also.

    – Anyway… I need to check my tweets and see if Dominoes has delivered my pizza….

  5. I think that when some of the excitement wears of you are left with a fantastic tool to let your listeners know in a heartbeat about what is going on. It allows us to follow along and keeps us interactive.

    Its a great tool but not always the right tool. That part is up to user.

  6. I have definitely noticed a shift in my own work. I used to write so much more than I do now. I really like twitter, but its use coupled with my already troublesome attention difficulties (the diagnosed by a real Doctor kind have me in a place where I seem to *only* be twittering. it’s almost like I trick myself into thinking I have expressed myself fully, when all I have done is drop 140 characters on Twitter.

    Thanks for this post, it has made me think a little more closely about something that has been quietly nagging away at me for some time!

  7. I just recorded a 2:20:00 + long podcast, so I guess Twitter hasn’t degraded my attention span that much, yet. The amount of hype over Twitter lately is starting to be a bit much, though. Is it really earth-shattering news when some celebrity jumps on the bandwagon? It must be to some people. Not to me.

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