The 3 Laptop Hunters – Let’s Review!

(cheezy austrailian voice) – AWRIGHT! We’re lookin for that ever elusive $1000 PC. We are in the deepest depths of the store and have pushed through the phones, software and CD’s to get here. But here it is – the $1000 machines. OH NO MATE! Watch out for that…. OOOF! …ethernet cable… you ok….?

Microsoft has an ad that people are not only getting behind, they’re causing controversy. For those of you who have been under a rock, here is the story:

Microsoft bets you can get a PC for under your budget and they’ll pay for it if you do. Surprisingly enough, all three people that found a machine chose PC. So they walked out with a new gift.

Let’s review the 3 hunters:

Lauren – She drives a VW. She walked into Apple, then back out. She then walked into Best Buy and found a hp Pavillion for $699.

Giampaolo – He is technically savvy. He wanted something with more power for under $1500. Macs are sexy but not powerful. He has big hands. Giampaolo walked into Fryes and purchased a hp HDX

Lisa and Jackson – I am guessing this is a single mom with 1 child – At least that’s what it conveys. They wanted a machine for under $1500. They went into Best Buy and saw the Macs. Although they were “pretty” (mom said that), they were too small. They looked at the PC’s and Jackson shuttered at the pink one. They ended up with a Sony Vaio.

Let’s look at the stats: Out of the 3, 2 bought hp’s and 1 got a Sony. Lauren and Lisa / Jackson went to Best Buy, Giampaolo went to Fryes.

So was Microsoft catering to Windows or were they catering to someone else? At the end you prominently saw the brand name. Although they weren’t flaunting the stores, you know which ones they went in.

Will this make us walk into a Fryes or Best Buy and buy a hp or a Sony? It’s possible. More interesting question: Will it make us walk into an Apple store and buy a Mac?

The hunt continues. Let’s see where they go next. Yo, Microsoft – Maybe take them to a “Mom and Pop” Shop? Ohhh! I know. Let’s buy a Psystar online!