Digsby Adds Annoying Plugins

I am installing the latest version of Digsby and am shocked that the application is asking me to install a number of highly intrusive plugins with the install.

Applications like the VoloMedia plugin that calls home to mama every time you watch or listen to something in iTunes. They also are pushing a plugin by SmartShopper that essentially spys on you while you are surfing the Internet to give you offers from their partner sites.

This is a really bad move by Digsby and if they need some money why not ask people to pay for the application. It is a good one but I am not about to subject myself to installing a number of questionable plugins.

To really stick it to you at the end of the install they offer you this page.

2008digsbyDo you really think anyone in there right mind would want to have some site I have never heard of by my.freeze.com become my default home page or change to the failing Yahoo as my default search is really nuts over there.

It is these kinds of actions that make me really look at an application to make sure it is not doing something else that is questionable. If they are desperate enough to make offer me all of these utilities that call home to mama and report on my activities than I am worried about the application doing the same.


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