DVDXCopy – If you can’t Beat Em, Join Em.

The Software DVDXCopy by 321 Studios was banned in the US 5 years ago after a big battle with Hollywood. 321 studios took on a lawsuit stating that people have a right to backup and archive material they purchased. The movie studios countersued, and in February 2004, it was ruled that DVDXCopy violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act laws and was officially banned in the US.

Well, the website apparently revamped their site from the Sale of the DVDXCopy software to an informational website of the best DVD Copy software. They review 3 different DVD copy programs, but are heavily pushing DVDneXtCopy, which the pro version can allow copying of single, Double sided DVD’s in multiple formats including formats for the iPod and PSP.

The site is not shy on saying that the XCopy version has been banned. But they are also warning people that there are fake versions of the software out there.

Of course we all know that copying movies for redistribution is illegal. However I would like to back up my movies in the case of damage. When I travel I don’t like to take original movies – I like to take copies. That way if something happens, I don’t lose the original.

Then again, with items like Blockbuster and Netflix around, will copying DVDs be as important nowadays?

One thought on “DVDXCopy – If you can’t Beat Em, Join Em.

  1. Hah. They aren’t the only game in town. I have a freebie DVD copier software on my laptop that works just fine on most of the DVD’s I have. I recently copied two DVD’s for travel purposes, for the same reason you do it. I didn’t want to take the originals with me. They copied fine and work fine and I didn’t pay a dime for the software.

    The MPAA is so delusional. They got rid of one company, but haven’t done anything to anyone else who is providing copying software. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    321 Studios, by the way, is located in my home town.

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