Google Mail is flagging my Outbound Mail in Google Apps!

I am beyond irritated with Google at this moment. I have all of my domains email utilizing Google Apps Service which includes Gmail functionality for any persons .com address.

I have always used a desktop client like outlook or thunderbird. I run the service in IMAP and have a home machine and a travel machine that I primarily connect to Google to get the email.

The problem I am having is that many times when I am traveling Google starts flagging my mail as spam and people are not getting it. This is even happening in inter domain email aka from to

The only thing we can think of is that when I am in a Hotel or on my Sprint EVDO account that Google has some of those IP’s blacklisted. Thus when I send the email via thunderbird from one of those services the IP I am sending on gets embeded in the header. This is causing me a lot of concern because email is critical in our day to day operation and now it seems Google is blocking legitimate email and they are becoming a liability.

If I log into the web interface which i hate this problem does not seem to happen. Google you better get your act together on Google Apps or I will cancel the service and move to someone that can move email properly.

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