Day 2 of HP HDX Dragon Notebook Giveaway

Welcome to the 2nd day of our Giveaway Contest to win a HP HDX Dragon Notebook. The Day 1 Survey is still available if you missed it yesterday. Be sure to come back to the site each day as you will have up to six chances to win a single Dragon Notebook!

On June 4th we will combine all entries from all six surveys and through random selection pick a winner and an alternate. The winner will be announced on this website before Midnight Hawaiian Standard Time.

While you are here I would hope that you would subscribe to the podcast and also subscribe to the website RSS feed.

Good Luck to Everyone!

  1. Click Here to take Day 1 survey  
  2. Click Here to take Day 2 survey

Notice: This contest is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and promotion organized by BuzzCorps

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  1. Am I just stupid, or is the correct answer to the question:

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