Twitter Admits that they have no Idea whats wrong!

There is a post by the folks at Twitter, that admit they have no idea what is bringing down their service. In a word I am “shocked” this company has big bucks in the bank from Venture Funding and they are admitting they don’t know what the problem is? It’s not like this started yesterday!

This seems like a simple solution, get your checkbook out, and pay a expert or experts to come in and figure out what is going on. When you are in trouble like this you react as fast as you can, spend as much money as required and figure out what the issue is fix it and move on. Otherwise this will just suck the lifeblood out of you.

But could it be that because they are running on Ruby on Rails that their isn’t anyone familiar enough with the technology to help them? [Twitter Blog]

The only way they are going to figure out that they need to throw all available resources at it, is if people start leaving or boycotting the service till they get it fixed. The way I look at it Twitter has about a week before mass revolt starts to get their act together.

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