Do you Trust Google with your Health Information?

Googlehealth2008In a word NO, but in all honesty Google probably already knows your health information better than you do. Back in 2004 when I was searching for “Burst Compression Fracture” and a variety of other spine related terms I bet Google knew something was wrong with my back.

I also bet when I search other more personal health terms Google gets a pretty good idea of how healthy I am or not..

Now that Google has launched Google Health they are asking you to load all kinds of personal information about ones health into their system. Well I tell you what Google, there is not a chance I am putting my health record into your online health site.

I am not putting my kids record in either! Imagine my kids finding out what dad did when they where minors, and object to that data being online when they become adults. Nope I am not gonna explain that one! Call me paranoid but there are already enough stupid things going on with our medical records (transcribing overseas) let alone me putting that info into a system that Google can mine.

Pharmy companies shell out billions each year to get their brand medicine as part of your prescription. How much would they be willing to pay Google to get a list of everyone that has heart trouble or a thousand other ailments.

How much would insurance companies pay to have access to people who are very healthy and avoid those that have ongoing issues. I’ll be honest the less Insurance companies know about you the better as they are worse than lawyers.

Sorry Google no Google Health for me, and for those that trust Google with you health data I pray your data never gets leaked.

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