Here’s my jetpack!

This news story has been all over TV today, words cannot adequately express how much I want one of these.

I doubt there is a geek in the world that has not dreamed of their own jetpack, and the key disapointments of the turn of the millenium where that there were no jet packs or flying cars. While the Moller flying car has been a disapointment so far but at least there is now an actual working jet pack that will gives me hope that I might get to try one.

This particular model required that he go into freefall from a plane to get started, and he landed by parachute, but he was travelling at one stage at almost 200mph (over 300kph) which is seriously cool! The inventor and pilot is Swiss man Yves Rossy who is my new hero, at least for this week.

Story on Yahoo
Yves site

One thought on “Here’s my jetpack!

  1. Hah. I’m waiting for the teleporter. I’m too scared of heights to do the jetpack thing.

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