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Comcast is looking to put in place transfer limits of 250gb a month. Even more distressing is that they are considering charging users $15.00 for every 10gb that they go over that limit.

This will change the Internet as we know it. I shudder to think about having to deal with those types of transfer limits. For people who live in areas where Comcast is a monopoly they will really be screwed.

My family of 4 consumes a great deal more than 250gb a month. I use Amazon Unbox, I subscribe to nearly 100 podcast, I have a Apple TV and a myriad of other bandwidth using boxes.

This would essentially mean the death of streaming audio, podcasting, Apple TV, IPTV and a number of other services. Users are going to protest wildly but this may for once and for all create some competition in the market place. [DSL Reports]

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3 thoughts on “Comcast 250gb Limit

  1. woah, how could someone survive on 17GB??? your internet must be very slow… Even 250GB is very small considering the rise of HD content. Streaming low quality video’s takes up a lot of bandwidth as it is. People get high speed internet like comcast so they can be able to load huge things like HD movies. Now that they have this we will have to cut down a lottttt or switch to fios. That seriously is messed up and I think they will lose many customers. My town is dominated by comcast and verizon… soon I believe it will only be Verizon thanks to comcast idiocy.

  2. With the amount of still dark fiber in the ground, there is no reason for this. Moves like this will only prove to dampen innovative new ideas in distribution and interactive media.

    And, I think my buzzword generator just broke, so I’ll have to cut this short. Your post proves that people using large amounts of bandwidth aren’t always pirates or pornhounds; they can be regular people too.

    Mark, ouch. 17GB? That’s harsh.

  3. OMG 250 Gbs a month? I’d kill for 250 GB limit per month. I have to use a satellite service where I live. I get a rolling 17 GB limit per 30 days! Now I admit everyone wants true unlimited access to content, but at what level does this become cost effective. The ISP’s even Comcast are public, for profit, companies and if you look at Comcasts numbers they are not exactly printing money although they are doing ok. I want a Dell XPS 1530 with the top of the line everything for $500.00, but I’m not gonna get it. Apple should sell they’re MacBook Pro for $500. They could afford that before Comcast could afford the bandwidth you are demanding. Come on Todd there’s no way Comcast could provide 250GBs a month to all their subscriber’s. At what bandwidth level, for what price, do you think is a reasonable level of service?

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