Yahoo is Toast and Yang needs to be Fired

If were a Yahoo stockholder I would be in a mild panic today, with Yahoo walking away from a ridiculous amount of money the stock is going to headed to pre-offer levels and then some tomorrow morning.

I just hope all the employees were able to dump their vested shares last week because after tomorrow the stock is going to drop like a sinking ship.

Reports are all over the place discussing stockholder lawsuits. Greed caused the Yahoo board of Directors to demand to high a price for a company that is already getting smoked in the online marketplace by Google.

I really thought Yahoo would play ball but instead they have lost in extended innings. At least Microsoft will not have to deal with the deals Yang was putting in place to make it as painful as possible. [Idiots]


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One thought on “Yahoo is Toast and Yang needs to be Fired

  1. As a longtime user of Yahoo mail, Flickr and other Yahoo services and as a longtime user of Apple Macintosh OS and hardware, I am more than happy that the merger between Yahoo and Microsoft did not happen.

    I am also against monopolies, and that is what Microsoft is. They don’t need to play in this area nor become the town bully through a merger such as this. Too bad they never did what Google or Yahoo did 10 or 12 years ago. Just like everything else, Microsoft is just playing catch-up and only tries to take something through their immense wealth and power.

    I am glad Yahoo stood up to them and held them off. Hopefully this is the end of this.

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