Bloggers as journalists

I posted a few days ago about old media trying to change to look more like new media, and how this opened a gap for new media to take over the role of true journalism. A post in Gizmodo about the management disagreements within Motorola show that at least in some areas this metamorphosis is quite advanced.

The article shows a copy of a letter from a disgruntled senior manager to the new CEO Greg Brown. It is not a new thing for a disgruntled employee to release information about the company they are unhappy with. In this case the employee was unhappy with the actions in the executive that were driving the company he was dedicated to under. He turned out to be at least partially right.

What would have happened in the past is this would have been sent to a newspaper or TV, and it is a sign that things are changing that this went to a blog instead. What is disappointing is that even though Gizmodo had this before the trouble Motorola was in became public knowledge, it wasn’t until they announced their restructure that Gozmodo realised what they had. This is probably an experience thing though, Gizmodo is used to distributing the news rather than breaking it.