Some PayPerPost Bloggers Punished by Google Tough Luck!

DunceAll I can say, is that if the bloggers that were punished by Google are in the group of people who did not disclose in their articles that they were paid to post “tough luck”. If you have been disclosing in your post then tough luck for being associated with a company, that many of us thought was highly unethical.

If your pagerank was lowered because of sheer association with PayPerPost, then maybe next time you will pick an advertising partner that will not get your pagerank removed.

Google should go after SEO people like Neil Patel next, and punish bloggers that work under his model of paying for links within bloggers articles and not disclosing that they are paid links and whatever other schemes he and people like him have going. 

The thing that is going to be tough for Google to figure out is that people like him work under the radar as much as possible, and he and others like him are part of a very disgusting bottom feeder group that only want to line their pockets with money from companies desperate to be found at the top of the Google search result without having earned that search rank.

The more I here about these Ponzi schemes one thing for sure is that if I read a article on the net today and I don’t 100% trust the source I will treat the article and the links within the article as suspect. IZEA Also Known as PayPerPost


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