How to get away with a crime

Get the legislators to change the law. The furor over the warrantless wiretapping that came to light last year has taken another major turn today with the Senate passing a bill that retroactively changes the law to make it legal. Part of the bill also grants immunity to the telco’s that provided the infrastructure and information.

According to the article in Wired, if (when) this bill gets passed into law the A-G will call on the judges to dismiss the current lawsuits against the teleco’s. This will not be the end of it though as the response of the plaintiff’s in that lawsuit will be to challenge the law on constitutional grounds. I have no idea what their chance of success would be in this, especially given the current make up of the supreme court.

This bill still needs to pass through the House, so if you oppose it make sure you contact your representative to make your feelings hears. And if you are not already, seriously consider a membership with the EFF.