Dreamhost bills many customers x2 months early

When I was witting my book on podcasting back in 2005 I setup a dreamhost account. That shared hosting account I outgrew but because of the initial subscription time I still have it.

This morning I woke up to find my credit card had been wacked by $800.00 not a cool thing especially considering the account was not due for renewal for months.

This has happened to a large number of customers. 360 have commented on a blog post already. The question is how many were really charged? The escapades at Dreamhost are simply amazing.

Those customers looking to switch I highly recommend GoDaddy, Disclaimer: GoDaddy is a sponsors here but I have 7 dedicated servers with them and could not be happier. Some Promo codes Todd20, Geek5, Todd

Meanwhile Dreamhost I want my $800.00 back.

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  1. At least they seem to understand the severity of what they have done and are trying to fix it quickly. According to their blog they have over-billed every single customer to the tune of $7.5M. Ouch.

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