Rube Goldberg Rocks

Via BoingBoing

I love Rube Goldberg devices and any post to a video of one gets me immediately hooked.  The prospect of a television show devoted to them is very interesting.  Thankfully its not going to be one of those “clip” shows where they try and stretch some meaningful content around the limited quality clips they can show.  The show is going to be about building them with an element of challenge built in.

The premise is that a team of people will be given some sort of themed challenge and access to bits to build a device.  Hopefully there is going to be an element of competition built in as well.  If I was in the US I would be applying for this right away.  Filming is starting in Jan, so it hopefully won’t take too long to hit the screens.

Possibly at least loosely based on this Japanese game show.

And a couple of other good ones (all YouTube links)

And the classic Honda ad.