Since when is CASH no Good?

I hate to say it, but Apple’s decision to not allow anyone to pay cash for a iPhone has to be about the most ridiculous decision that anyone in the history of any company has ever made.

To tell your clients that your money aka CASH is no good on certain purchases goes against everything that being in business is all about. I love customers who pay cash. You know why? I get a higher profit margin in that I do not have to pay the credit card transaction fee.

To be honest is it legal in this country to be in business and not accept legal tendered dollars as payment for goods and services? Apple, you really need to get a grip.

I think people should start paying for other Apple purchases in “change” yes, make payment in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

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5 thoughts on “Since when is CASH no Good?

  1. It’s pretty sad that a person whom has worked hard all of his 97 years, paying cash he earned,and he can’t even get satilite telivision hooked up because he has no credit history. What kind of message are we sending not only to our children, but the whole world.

  2. I think ‘kingtommy’ has lost it somewhere also. Seems to me that any business HAS to accept cash if that’s what you pay them with. It really IS legal tender for this country. Personally, I’d do a Zune before an i-anything; but this decision has really set me against buying anything Apple puts out. ANY business that refuses to accept my cash will accept me walking out the door without their product. (‘Sides, ain’t it un-American or something?)

  3. I don’t see the problem with this and I don’t think you guys should be attacking Apple about it. First of all, who in the demographic buying the iPhone is using cash to purchase the device? That demographic is most likely using bank check cards or credit cards like myself and many other geeks. I carry $20 in my wallet at the very most at any given time and that’s in small bills to use at work for a snack or a drink. Secondly, I feel that in business it’s your choice to decide if you want to sell the product to someone or not. If they don’t want to accept cash for the reasons they’ve given or any other then that’s their right and it’s hurting nobody but them. Cash is obsolete and a total complete waste of money for the government to keep in circulation and does not guarantee your identity is any more safe than the identity of those that strictly use credit cards. The information is out there on anybody and can be obtained and abused by thieves. There are cases of children having their identity stolen and nobody knows about it until it’s too late because it’s rare for a child to even have a credit history but it happens. The author of this article is just buying into ridiculous paranoia and seeking affirmation on the internet which is not hard to get.

  4. The only plausible reason is to force customers to pay using some kind of credit or debit card, which of course are tied to a home address. Since you are supposed to be under contract that home address would be necessary for obvious reasons.

    Illegal or not that would seem to be the logic behind it, surely you could pay by cash but with a proof of residence? Though that’s kind of defeating the reason that you’d want to pay in cash in the first instance ;)

  5. all I can think of is “Blazing Saddles”…
    “someones got to go back and get a _hitload of dimes”! LOL

    Guess I might not change in the old qurters I have and just take them DIRECTLY to Apple store for a touch. But not sure if I might go for Zune 2 for the wifi podcasting support.

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