Comcast Customers Should Protest

Thankfully I do not live in a area serviced by Comcast. Sadly though many of you do, and some of you have no choice to use an alternative carrier as Comcast has a monopoly in some areas that they serve.

With the confirmation last week that Comcast was blocking BitTorrent traffic, I am sure many people are just seeing red. While I use BitTorrent everyday for legitimate uses like delivery of my podcast, I can only imagine the frustration people are feeling.

Comcast has decided to ignore Net Neutrality and go their own way. Meanwhile, it is being reported that they are blocking legitimate traffic from business applications as well.

Actions taken by Comcast cannot be tolerated and those affected by their blocking need to start holding some protests outside of Comcast offices to inform the public at large that they are blocking legitimate services from being utilized.

Comcast should not be involved in censoring what people do with their Internet connection. If the person is using the connection for supposed illegal purposes that is not for Comcast to deal with unless informed by law enforcement.

Since they are now examining and killing BitTorrent and supposedly other business traffic, I feel that Comcast is now setting itself up to have to police all of their traffic. If you’re gonna sniff a small section of the traffic, you are then telling the world that they know what is moving around on their network thus should be responsible to monitor it all.

No longer can they say they have no control over what customers do, because what they have done is essentially hacked their customers connections.

It’s pretty scary when you think about it. Your own ISP snooping on what you do. If you have a choice please look at a different carrier. Second if you are in a area that is a monopolized by Comcast take your grievance to your local city council. Finally, get some signs and go protest at the local Comcast offices. EFF

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