Goodbye Office 2007 and Good Riddance!

I talked about this last night on my show, but the second I get back from Ontario next week I am pulling Office 2007 off my computer. This has been an disaster of an upgrade.

Issues I am having that have not been solved by any update or online recommendation.

  • Every time I close Outlook it still runs in the taskbar!
  • Every time I open Outlook it complains it was not closed correctly and does a data check on my pst files
  • Every time it checks for email on 9 POP accounts my computer freezes for the 60+ seconds to get email
  • Every time I double click a word file, Word opens but not the document I have to double click the document again to get it to open
  • Every time I try to write in Word it freezes and I all of a sudden get a blast of words when it decides to update.

Its not my hardware I have a Pentium 4 3.0 mhz Hyper thread Laptop with 1 gig of ram onboard. I never had issues with Office 2003.

On Monday I will install Open Office and put Thunderbird on as my email client. I will no longer give Microsoft any of my hard earned cash for a Office Suite that has cost me more in productivity in the 4 weeks it has been on my computer than any other software suite I have ever used.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Office 2007 and Good Riddance!

  1. I can’t say that I’ve had any problems with the MS 2007(I use Outlook primarily) suite but I share your desire to not make them any wealthier. There is still one problem for me with the Thunderbird/Lightning set-up, and that is syncing to my PalmOS pda. Unfortunately this is a showstopper for me. I need that little device beeping at me from my shirt pocket. My “new technology” budget is pretty much non-existent so when offered the 2007 upgrade I had to jump on it. I guess I’ve been lucky because it’s behaving well on my 4 year old Dell PentiumM (768 mb ram)laptop. I look forward though to hearing about your experiences using the other software. I love OpenOffice and use it instead of Word/Excel/Access.

  2. Yeah! Come on over to the dark side, baby!!

    Thunderbird is amazing, I think you will love it. It allows you to set up each pop3 mail you are downloading to go into its own set of folders and subfolders; my Thunderbird currently downloads from 23 pop accounts and each one has its own folder in the left-hand side-bar, each one operates independently and that is GREAT for me. You will love it.

    It is easy to set up, easy to add pop accounts to, runs very tight and fast and clean, takes up VERY little space, and never bogs down the computer. I leave it running 24/7 on my laptop and I am also doing other things at the same time, including converting text to audio, burning CD’s, etc. And my sad little Gateway Tablet (which I ADORE) is only a 1.7 ghz with 1 gb of ram.

    As for OpenOffice, I can say without any regrets that this is the most productive piece of word processing software I have ever used, and reminds me of WordPerfect before Microsoft took over the word processing market with their crappy bloated programs. And did you know that OO opens MSWorks (wps) files? Even Microsoft WORD won’t open works files (even though they are a Microsoft product!!)

    Go Todd!!

  3. Good choice Todd! It’s about time that software companies learn that it’s not necessary to keep adding features. The MS Office footprint is BIG! During the install process it should let you select the features you want and not install the rest.

    Thunderbird for the WIN.


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