Windows Genuine Advantage Down for the Count!

For many months people wondered what would happen if the Windows Genuine Advantage system was hacked and everyones Vista installs on the entire planet was de-activated.

Well unless Microsoft gets there act together come Tuesday some users are going to be in the hurt locker as Windows Genuine Advantage is causing legitimate users some major distress at this point in that is users cannot validate their installations.

Users are mad and Microsoft is telling users to wait till Tuesday.

Ars Technica is recommending the following

“ If you use Windows, do your best to avoid anything that requires a ping to WGA. That means you should stay away from patches and add-ons until the coast is clear. WGA will not reach out across the Internet and deactivate your copy of Windows, but you should avoid talking to a WGA server for any reason.”

Check out more coverage at their site Ars Technica


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