Skype Super Nodes Keeping Skype Online

For most geeks this will not come as a surprise as a lot of people know that Skype really taxes the connections of those Skype users that are on big fat broadband pipes. After all Skype is a Peer to Peer application correct.

Well I just wonder if many of the systems that have been designated as Super Nodes even really know it. The question is how do you determine who is a super node at this point I don’t thing that is something Skype would be willing to comment on.

I do know that when I go from Broadband to EVDO, sometimes I have to shutdown Skype because it starts sucking up more resources then it should does the application think I am still on my big fat broadband pipe? While I know Skype relies heavily on the Super Nodes I wonder if in the long viability of Skype is not in question. If Super Nodes revolt Skype’s party could really be over pretty quickly. Skype

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