Association of Downloadble Media aka ADM

This morning I awoke to a barrage of email from podcasters and people in the podcasting space asking me why I and RawVoice was not supporting the new Association of Downloadable Media “ADM”. My first reaction was what new organization?

After making some calls and reviewing their initial goals I am sure we will be supporting the organization. Every since early 2005 I have strived for accurate reportable downloadable media measurements.

The work of people like Kevin Devin who built the original version of Podstats allowed me to come up with acceptable metrics, that we use in solidifying a reportable standard that has been refined for reporting media downloadable deliveries in conjunction with advertising campaigns since 2005.

In early 2005 when I brought GoDaddy into the podcast advertising space and was responsible for the first multi-show media buys in the space. Truth in reporting has always been critical to that ad follow on ad buy success.

Coming up with a set of standards that everyone follows is critical in leveling the playing field, so everyone is measured and reporting from the same standard. While I know some companies have adopted the reporting and verification standards we use, I am sure their are still deviations to that reporting across the industry as their are a lot of players developing their own standard.

Each podcast media company has their own way and no one way is better than the other but defining the actual measurement criteria into a written standard would be a great first step.