State of the Mobile Industry in the United States

I had a listener of the podcast send me the following talking points and I wanted to share them with everyone. These are perspectives from a average technical savvy consumer today.

We all know their has been great debate raging over the past couple of weeks with AT&T and their customer spying and now Sprint kicking customers to the curb.

  • T-Mobile = Cheap, good customer service, slow broadband (for now), pretty good phone selection
  • AT&T= Spying, slow broadband (for now), nice selection of phones, pretty good customer service
  • Sprint=Lame customer service, fast broadband, might go out of business, lame phone selection
  • Mobi= Uses T-Mobile network, flat fees, no contract, slow broadband(for now)
  • Verizon=Junk customer service, phone selection just okay, broadband good but capped, expensive

Thanks to Eric for the talking points!