Site Ban on Sites that don’t Link to Original Content!

I am sick and tired of reading blog articles on such sites as Engadget that clearly were sourced from another site and then search in vane within the article trying to find the source article.

Effective immediately I am not going to link to articles on other sites that do not have the decency to link back to the source content. Doing so is doing injustice to the site that created the original source article. The team at Engadget does this a great deal.

What put me over the top was an International Space Station article that had 2 links to internal Engadget articles but nothing pointing back at the source material that they used to create the story.

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2 thoughts on “Site Ban on Sites that don’t Link to Original Content!

  1. I have just taken a look at Engadget and I am a regular reader and at the bottom of most externaly sourced content is a link that says Read and also via which takes you to the external source for the article….

    Is this not what you are after?

  2. On ya, Todd. Let’s just hope your ban makes these sites re-think their policies.

    I find so many stories like that – I really want to read more about it, but with sites like Engadget, they just want to keep you at THEIR site – It’s a pain!

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