Why Scoble is irrelevant in the world of Web 2.0

When I read the above Subtitle on a blog by Alfred Thompson I about fell out of my chair. Does this guy have even the slightest clue. If he is employed by Microsoft he needs to be fired because it is individuals like him that are hurting Microsoft.

They are getting beat across the board on so many levels by the likes of Google, and others that they really need to eliminate narrow minded thinking people like this guy.

To actually say that is beyond ridiculous, the actual title of the article was “Why blogging will kill the mainstream media” he wrote a great title that many others have used but did little to back up his subject.

This guy is obviously jealous of Robert and must have some bone to pick. After all Scoble is about as close to the Web 2.0 world as anyone in the business these days, to say otherwise is pure arrogance.

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