Well I Guess Imus could start a Podcast

One thing is for sure money makes the world go around and in traditional media you better be able to keep your sponsors happy. Don’t think for a second that the only reason Don Imus got fired was because of his inappropriate remarks, he got fired primarily because his sponsors pulled the plug.

While Freedom of Speech in the main stream media has been dead for a long time, real freedom of speech is alive and well in the new media space. Don’t get me wrong, your words can still get you sued and can get you negative national attention. That being said, while we don’t have to pay for no stinking transmitters, and as long as you can afford get content loaded to the net you can say about anything you want to.

In today’s society we all have become pretty numb to all of the “words” that are being said out their. While I do think a double standard is emerging where some people can say some “words” without fear of retribution, others would not dare to say the same “words” as they would be crucified.

Meanwhile I will keep typing “words” and staying on the high ground on this blog and in my podcast to do so otherwise would earn me some strong words from all of you.