Last night as I was finishing up my show I received an e-mail from Chris Pirillo with a link on it. In fact I became pretty distracted while recording the show which was a first.

It was a link to a live stream he had going with his desktop camera at Ustream.TV which is essentially a site where you can be a part time Justin.TV wanna be.

But as we talked some very cool ideas where shared that I have been unscrambling in my head today. I’m serious I have had a pretty amazing revelation that is making me think of some ways we can really crank up this new social media experience.A

About 50 of us spent 2–3 hours getting live updates on the earthquake in Mexico along with that we did what geeks do. We examined the good things and bad things about Ustream.TV

All told their probably was a million dollars worth of advice given from various people. I know one of the Investors was listening in and I hope he took a lot of notes. But what struck me the most was the new media implications. With that tool and a few others one can have a live event that would really blow some people away.

I’ll share more in the very near future, but needless to say I see a significant mashup coming that could change how we present some new media. Ustream.TV