Strong Arming Congress the MPAA way!

We all know that the MPAA hates fair use and have gone to great lengths to block consumers access to media that they legally own through industry tainted legislation.

The MPAA, RIAA and the member organisations are confident through time and attrition that the will be able to remove forever Fair Use Rights of media from those that legally own it.

Studios have strong armed and cried like babies to congressional representatives year after year. While at the same time dumping millions into campaign funds and PACS to help manipulate and buy legislative action, with the goal of removing all Fair Use rights that people of this country have.

Personally I am pretty sick of it, and because the MPAA and RIAA have yet to have free speech abolished. I can continue to point out what I consider to be ongoing strong arming and outright deception being portrayed in the halls of congressional 

The MPAA and their financial supporters portray themselves as victims of technology. Yet they see record profits and continue to pay artist pennies on the dollar for their creative work.

We all know their days are numbered and I hope that artist stand up against this evil machine and take publishing and distribution to the people in a way that all of us can support.

TechDirt today has a reprint of a letter sent to the head of a large studio that outlays some of the deception that is being put forth to those in Congress and also points out what the MPAA has done to stifle technological innovation.

In my opinion I am sure that the MPAA thinks that the majority of consumers of their content are Liars, Thieves, Cheats and do nothing but steal and share their content.

I applaud leaders like Gary Shapiro the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association for using his position to call to task the heads and make the public aware of their true agendas.